Bacon Grease Brownies

I heard about bacon fat brownies while prowling the food blogs so I decided to give them a shot. Not a sandwich, but they were a tasty diversion.

First, cook enough bacon to save about half a cup of bacon grease. pick out any of the larger chunks then store the grease in the fridge.

The grease will harden into an off white lard sitting in your fridge. I store mine in a ceramic cup which makes it easy to turn back into oil. When you’re ready for brownie time, heat up the lard. What I did was set the cup of lard in a small pot of water on low heat. When the lard got to about butter consistency, I dabbed in my fingers and used it grease the 8×8 inch brownie pan.

Greased Brownie Pan

When the bacon grease melted into oil, I poured one third cup of it into a mixing bowl along with one third cup of water and a large egg. Mix with a good quality brownie mix. I use Ghirardelli brownie mix which is the best mix I’ve tasted.

Toss it in the pre-heated to 350 oven for 40-50 minutes and in the meantime, cook up four strips of bacon until they are nice and crispy but not burnt. Let the brownies cool for a few minutes then stick 16 bits of bacon evenly across the top. Put in the fridge to cool for about an hour.


Pull it out and slice it into 16 pieces. Voila!

Pan of Bacon Brownies

The brownies are fairly subtle, just a little salty, but they do taste richer than brownies baked with vegetable oil. The bacon on top adds a stronger bacon flavor, but not too strong.


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