Sweet and Savory Orange Turken Sandwich

Generally, I put about a week or two’s thought into one of my extreme sandwiches. They also often take a fair amount of time and a chunk of my weekly food budget to prepare. A desire not to waste food has brought me to a new category of extreme sandwich.

I present… The Extreme Spontaneity Sandwich!

So I needed a bun of some sort for dinner last night. Just one. Of course, you can’t buy just one bun at most supermarkets so I grab a pack of six hoagie rolls off the Fred Meyer discount baked goods rack. Only ninety-nine cents!

Not wanting to waste them, I bring the rolls into work for lunch the next day just to see what I could create. I visited the Safeway deli for lunch and grab a cooked cold turkey breast on sale and a medium pack of Orange chicken. Combining these two unlikely allies gave me the Sweet and Savory Orange Turken Sandwich. One for me and one for my co-worker. Amazingly, the two flavors work together.

What kind of monstrosity is this?

A Pair of strange sandwiches

The Ingredients
– Leftover hoagie roll
– Chunks of real turkey breast, no skin.
– Safeway’s China Express Orange Chicken

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