Double Cheese Smash Burger

Normally I wouldn’t be eating so unhealthy, (don’t worry oatmeal and lot’s of exercise in the future) but as you know, I’m using up those hoagie rolls from Fred Meyers! I was recently reading about the various types of hamburgers there are and I came across a winner. It’s called the smash burger and it betrays what I thought was the golden rule: touch the burger as little as possible once it hits the pan. The reason for this is you don’t want to poke it and let all the juices run out, right? Well hang onto your hats. Extreme Spontaneity Sandwich!

After reading about the smash burger I looked around and found a good guide on how to make them. Check out how to do it at the Paupered Chef:

A fantastic tasting burger. Maybe the best I've ever cooked myself.

Update: I didn’t like the picture I had of my smash burger, so here is a pic that better illustrates the crusty goodness


The Ingredients:
– Leftover kaiser roll
– Two quarter pound smashed burger patties
– Two slices of cheddar cheese
– Ketchup

What makes this sandwich extreme? The smash technique. Trust me on this.

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