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Sponge Bob Cake

My friend Jennifer did a cake for her friend’s daughter’s birthday (I think she turned four) She loves Sponge Bob so she made a cake featuring Sponge Bob Square Pants and Patrick. I like the blue color of the cake’s frosting. Yeah, that stuff on top is edible.

SpongeBob Cake

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Sponge Bob Square Pants Cake


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Tao of Pooh Cake

The latest cake from Jennifer, It’s called the Tao of Pooh cake and is based on a book of the same name by Benjamin Hoff. The colors are amazing with this birthday cake, look at the contrast between the white and red.

Silly old bear

Pooh ascribes to Asian philosophy?

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Extreme Cakes: Heaven’s Dawn Cake

This is another cool cake from Jennifer, she made it for her friend Erica’s birthday. The tree is made out of fondant! It is an homage to a series of painting by one of Erica’s  favorite artists, Natasha Wescoat. Check out her Jeweled Trees series on her website

The Original Painting:

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Extreme Cakes: Golf Birthday

This is a secondary birthday cake made by my friend Jennifer. She said the hardest part was making the golf tees.

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Extreme Cakes: Pink Sweet 16

This isn’t a sandwich, and I didn’t make it, but I think it qualifies as extreme. My friend Jennifer is a cake decorator and recently whipped up an amazing birthday cake. My favorite parts are the flowers and the key, Yes, it’s all edible.

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